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Tucson Sport is a limited edition Korean SUV from Hyundai

Hyundai SA

Hyundai has updated its Tucson SUV range with two exciting new derivatives, catering for the brand’s more enthusiastic local customers.

The current Tucson is a crucial part fo Hyundai’s South African business and ranks as the fourth most popular medium-sized SUV, in a segment with 20 competitors.

Although Hyundai’s image is that of a reliable and feature-rich Korean vehicle brand, the company is keen to showcase its Tucson in a more dynamic way to local buyers.

To that end, this month sees the introduction of two new Tucson Sport models, powered by either a petrol or diesel engine option.

Both these new Tucson offerings feature similar exterior design upgrades, including a front spoiler, rear diffuser and side sills completing the Sport body kit. Four exhaust ends, grouped in a pairing of two, are the rear design differentiator.

Complementing the Tucson Sport’s bolder appearance are larger 19-inch wheels, with a spoke design that is unique to these new derivatives and cannot be optioned on any other Tucson variants.

Beyond the styling kit, these new Sport spinoffs are evolved from the Tucson’s Elite specification. That means relatively comprehensive equipment levels, which include LED headlamps, powered leather seats, a rear-view camera, panoramic sunroof and a seven-inch infotainment screen.

Korea is one of the world’s leading sources of Smartphone technology and consequently you’d expect excellent phone pairing compatibility from any Korean vehicle. As such, Tucson features both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functionality.

A more potent diesel option

A significant change between the facelifted Tucson Sport and its predecessor is the presence of a second engine option.

Hyundai continues to offer the 1.6 turbo petrol variant, boosting 130kW and 265Nm, which drives the front wheels via a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.  That makes it 20kW and 35Nm more potent than a non-Sport version.

For those prospective Hyundai Tucson Sport buyers who prefer a more powerful alternative, there is a now a 2-litre turbodiesel too. This engine produces 150kW and 460Nm, ranking increases in power and torque of 19kW and 60Nm for the Sport derivatives, compared to a standard Tucson diesel.

A combination of bolder styling and increased power make these new Tucson Sport models a unique offering within the Korean brand’s product portfolio.

Positioned at R654 900 for the 1.6T and R664 900 for a 2.0 diesel, these are very interesting alternatives for those seeking some individuality in a very crowded South African SUV market.

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